Astronomy Friends In Hellas (Greece)

Iakovos Stellas
Planetary Observer & Artist

Iakovos Stellas

Iakovos has an exceptional talent for making consistently high quality
planetary renderings. It is an art form that is not practiced as much
in this day and age. I am looking forward to seeing his renderings
of the planet Mars this year, as Earth and Mars will be at their
closest within the past 25,000 years.

Drawing of the planet Mars

Drawings of the planet Venus

Drawings of the planet Jupiter

John Rozakis
Astrophotographer and Telescope Builder


The above four images show a completed 16-inch Dobsonian, using Meade optics that were originally housed in a Meade
16-inch Dobsonian, constructed by John Rozakis of Athens.
John is also an accomplished astrophotographer.

George A. Stephanopoulos
Variable Star Observer For 30+ Years,
Sunspot Observer

George Stephanopoulos observing with his C8
George has been systematically observing variable stars prior to my
making his acquaintance in 1972 in Athens. His total variable star
observations as of 2008 is 30,107 variable stars.
George is currently taking daily sunspot counts too.

George and I observing variable stars in Aghia Paraskevi, Attikis
in August 1979. We are using George's 4-inch F/15 Polarex refractor.
George is at the eyepiece.

Dimitris Kolovos

Dimitris Kolovos and his C11
Since I met Dimitri in 1994, he has enthusiastically embraced
the field of astrophotography and amazes me with his output
of beautiful photographs of the night sky.
Dimitri's high quality work can be seen at his website

Comet Hale-Bopp

Galaxy M31 in Andromeda                               Edge-on galaxy NGC891 in Andromeda

Planet Jupiter                                            Nebula M43 in Orion       

The Moon with the crater Clavius in the center

Sunspots taken with a Thousand Oaks Type 2+ solar filter

Globular Star Cluster M3

North America and Pelican Nebula

The planet Saturn

Athanasios Georgiou
Telescope  Making, Observatory Building, Video Astronomy

Athanasios's observatory in the hills behind Thessaloniki.

Athanasios's 17.5" (44.5cm) Newtonian telescope. All images taken in 1986.

The smaller observatory houses a Celestron 8" (20cm) schmidt Cassegrain telescope.

Frederick N. Ley
Sunspots, Variable Stars, Telescope Building,
Astrophotography, Planetary, Deep Sky,
Meteorite and Tektite Collector, Astronomical Historian
Astronomical Artist, Astronomical Philatelist

My first telescope, bought April 6, 1971 in Athens
Polarex 60mm F/15 refractor

Lunar Eclipse, August 6, 1971, Athens, Greece
Afocal, handheld, exposure with Kodacolor II film

Sunspot Observing, August 1972, Athens
Mt. Lykabettus in background

Waiting for starlight
Cave 6" F/15 refractor and a Meade LX200 10"

Moon at prime focus of a Cave 6" F/15 refractor with
Kodachrome 64 slide film and a Canon A-1 camera set
on automatic mode.

Red Giant by F.N. Ley
Acrylic on stretched canvas - 12" ( 31cm) x 24" (61cm)

The Visitor by F.N. Ley
Acrylic on stretched canvas - 16" (41cm) x 40" (102cm)

M57 (Ring Nebula) in the Constellation Lyrae
Prime focus image taken with an Apogee AP7P ccd camera through a Celestron 14
mounted on a Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial mount.

National Observatory of Athens

Photograph from 1880's. Mars Hill in the foreground.

Copyright for the above three images are unknown.

National Observatory of Athens, image taken in 1972.

The 6" George Sinas refractor by Ploessl, minus
focuser, image taken in 1984.

The 16" (40cm) D. Doridis refractor by P. Gautier, Paris.
Image, above and below, taken in 1995.

Dome of the D. Doridis refractor, image taken 1984.

University of Thessaloniki Observatory

The dome of the 8" (20cm) refractor by Secretan, Paris.
Image taken in  1972.

The above four images were taken in 1986.   

The Astronomical Station At Pentele
of the National Observatory of Athens

The dome of the R. S. Newall 25" (63cm) refractor by Thomas Cooke & Sons of York.
On the right, a photograph of the telescope in R. S. Newall's observatory in Gateshead,
 from Lockyer's 'Stargazing', 1878.

The 25" (63cm) R. S. Newall refractor in 1984.

10" (25cm) Razdow Solar Flare Patrol Telescope that used to be part of the United States Air Force
flare patrol program in the early 1970's through the 1980's. Shown in its current location at the
Pentele Astronomical Station. Images taken in 1984.

The equatorial table, taken in 1984.

The Korialenios Astronomical Station At Kryonerion-Corinth
of the National Observatory of Athens

The 48" (420cm) Grubb-Parsons and Co. telescope. Four images taken in 1994.

Light Pollution in  Hellas

Mt. Palomar Observatory

Dome of the 200" Hale Telescope.

200" Hale telescope looking from the North-East, left image, and looking from the South-West, right image.

Left image taken on the catwalk of the 200" dome. Looking towards the 60" reflector.
Right image shows instrumentation cage under the  200" primary mirror.

All six Mt. Palomar images taken in 1994.             

Coming Soon, Images from...

Kitt Peak National Observatory

Yerkes Observatory
Lick Observatory
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Mc Donald Observatory
Mt. Wilson Observatory
The Meteor Crater, Arizona